Paint the picture… Why is there a need for an alternative?

  • From Charleston County School District’s (CCSD’s) inception, they were not designed to truly educate our children the way they need to be educated in order to be truly enlightened individuals. 
  • The Black suspension rate in CCSD is 13.2% and the White suspension rate is 2.0% 
  • 42% of CCSD’s students are black, but they represent 82.5% of students suspended. According to a SC Dept. of Education Professional Certified Staff File 2016 report which takes into account all the SC school Districts, there are 1.) 515 White Male Teachers, 2.) 2,260 White Female Teachers, 3.) 76 Black Male Teachers and 4.) 369 Black Female Teachers in the Charleston County School District. 
  • A 2015 statewide report shows that there are 38,765 White Teachers and 7,596 Black Teachers. This reality may be one of the leading factors as to why our children are having problems in the field of education. 
  • This system in essence begins the process we call, the Pipeline to Prison.
  • We suffer from under exposure and need a holistic approach to educate our children in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. This must be built on a foundation of integrity, character and compassion for ourselves and others. 
  • The Lowcountry Education (L.O.C.) desires to implement a Saturday School that will focus on the areas of Knowledge of Self, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Art and Culture. We will also add an element where we work on raising the students reading level.